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segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2016


Talvez por ter vindo de uma simples concepção e, apenas almejar um existir, Mindim traga tantas surpresas.

"... About's Best Books of the Month

Each month,'s editorial team reads scores of books in search of those we consider the Best Books of the Month."


"...Sobre Melhores Livros do Mês da

A cada mês, a equipe editorial da lê dezenas de livros em busca de aqueles que consideramos os melhores livros do mês."

3 comentários:

Ana Bailune disse...

Dear, for your information: below your book, there is a link to invite customers to see the best books of the month. It doesn't say that yours is included in the list, and if you go there and check, you'll see it's not.
If I were you I would try to learn a little English before spreading out false news. This would avoid you a lot of embarrassment .

Luna Di Primo disse...

ai ai ai, oh my dear, forgiveness. I wanted to tell you so much, it would make a book. But, I have not so much as well. See I got to travel at that time, just I took a shower and came to check my stuff. I am concerned, the fact that you follow my work 24 hours and put aside his other duties as a housewife and English teacher 'in house' as well as successful lawyer's wife for never having lost a cause that comes home after a tiring day of struggle and can not find your cheirosinha little woman and dedicated to take away the shoes to a warm bath, since, waiting in the bath with scented salts and cozy. No, my dear, do not need all this dedication to me. Take care of yourself first; take care of their affairs are many and remain a little time, then, yes, I accept willingly that you accompany me. Forgive dear, I say this because I know women with the same life you lead toiling in the house, take care of the laundry, the garden, the creations (animals) inda, and mainly take care of hubby, ie everything. I know it's not easy. I've seen others who even lost her husband because of caring for others and fall short in their obligations. Some left home, others remained at home because of the family, the children, but all had lovers and children packed up with the lovers, of course, escaped in the absence of contraceptive care. I do not want in any way that kind of situation for you. After all, at this age it is in is more difficult to find people willing to take serious commitment like marriage, apart from that, men mostly prefer girls. So, dear, take care of what is your responsibility, do not have to devote so much to me. I promise and swear to "standing by" that if I need you, I call it. As for his warning, really, what you see is an invitation, why did they put only some and not all, as in yours, for example? See the difference of the seals, what you see is already the end of the process. Understand? You see what I mean? You have many obligations and still want to take care of my things and this is not fair to you, so this mess - you 'think' and then go around doing things that constrain. Stress from too much business can go crazy. I mean it, honey. Remember that you have even fought with me because of your stress? It spreads and spreads that did things you've never done.---

Luna Di Primo disse...

---Fortunately, I had no loss so. But I understand, that are its phases. But still insist on helping me. I repeat: this is unfair. Where is your well being, your health, your marriage, your home, your dogs, your garden, where is this all? You are human, dear, you can not end like this. Look, do not stress, even more, for what I say, just want to keep well that his youth. To alert me warn you, too, after all, with health is not mocked. Look, do not want to think that this alert is one of his crises of jealousy, for not having this seal in their publications, we've talked about this. Not everything can be for both of us, as we have talked to, I do not blame if what I write is applauded. We've talked about this. I hope that the crisis is not because of that, again, as always. Oh, almost forgot, stop insisting I go back to English, because it abandoned this course, 3 times is because it does not attract me, do not feel like: First, I will not be 'fessora' 'in house' like you and if you want to learn English, in addition to learned, just tidy a translator, you exist for this: providing services; just pay and go. And to talk to you I use google, even because you're so good at it, that you do not understand, guess. Or learn the language or for those who pay learned. In my case I get the second option. Else, lindinha of my life, do not go around complaining, saying they do evil to you, for you know very well that it does not. I only speak of their excess care with me, but do it for your sake, never to hurt you, you know that, do not mazinha me. Well, I think that's enough, right? I ended up writing her a letter, it was not my intention; I thought I'd be quiet, as I have done lately, before their 'enxaques' or would enchaques? Only I heard that word, do not know their spelling; but if do not know, they do not, of course, then they are for them, because the meaning is known. Kiss, darling, God bless you with peace you need. Saw? I dedicated you a big chunk of my time, now, do calm down, ok?

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